9 things to look at before choosing a web host

9 things to look at before choosing a web host

Here are the 9 key features to be judged before joining any web hosting company


First, decide how much you will spend on web hosting per year. Then look for the price for a whole year or two. If you can afford to buy a longer term, do it This will be cheaper in the long run for you. If you can not, choose an alternative package with a lower price.

Disk space

All web hosting services indicate how much space they can assign to you. Usually, they specify the amount in gigabyte GB. You probably have encountered megabyte in other areas like your music. A gigabyte, however, is a thousand 1000 megabytes. However, a typical web page is no more than a few kilobytes large, but in other words, you do not need a lot of gigabytes to run a default website. If you find that your site grows exponentially or anticipate it, it would be a good idea to find a host that offers a large amount of GB.


For the most part, a typical user of a common website simply has to download your web page or pages in their temporary internet file folder on their computer. This uses very little bandwidth, so a simple website can accommodate a relatively large amount of traffic. That number decreases with the addition of large files like pictures or other downloads.

Bandwidth distribution is usually given in gigabytes. If your site contains nothing but information and small images, consider the lowest possible bandwidth, as it will be all you need. But for companies and other large scale websites that drive a lot of traffic to the site, more bandwidth is needed. This also applies to sites that contain large images, such as wallpapers and websites that contain videos.

Add domains

If you want to host more than one site on the same web host, you need what are called add on domains. Some hosts allow unlimited domains without paying any additional fees. It is always better to go to web hosting providers have more than one add on domain available if you decide to create a new website later than to choose a hosting company that only allows a domain and thus forcing you to either upgrade or sign up for another hosting company.


Subdomains allow your site to be divided into sections. If you want videos.yourname.com and images.yourname.com, you need subdomains. You will probably do as well if you use subfolders like yourname.com videos so you do not have to worry if your web host does not allow it.


This is self explanatory. Usually you only need an email account [email protected], but web hosting companies can provide you as many as you want, depending on the plan you choose with them.

FTP accounts

You need a method to get your files on the hosts servers. The way to do this is a File Transfer Protocol FTP. With FTP, you can connect to your account via an FTP application and directly add as many files as possible to any size. Using the FTP client may seem daunting first, but there are countless helpful people and helpful articles to your advantage. An FTP account will suffice for your entire website.

MYSQL databases

For a personal site that is often static, you do not need a database. But if you run a company, forum, blog or want to add some major functionality to your site, youll need a database.


Large scale websites are written in programming languages ​​like PHP and ASP for Windows. Often these sites also run programs written in Perl, Java, C or C ++. However, if the host does not support such languages, your site will not appear properly if any or your application applications will not run. Be sure that your potential web hosting company can support your site before signing up.

Additional information is available for assistance

If you do not find the web hosts terms of service on their site or if you need to spend hours looking for it, do not worry about studying their offers. TOS is your protection If they hide, they do not care about your website and your business.

Make sure that web hosting companies have a refund guarantee. If you realize that the host you selected is not right for you, its good to know that there is a way out, but most hosts only allow this window to be open for about 30 days, so make sure you know You stick your host or not.

Youre good to go

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