2013 Rocky Raccoon 100 Mile & 50 Mile

Posted on February 5, 2013 by hctr_admin in Race Results 2013

 Congratulations to all of the HCTR members listed below for running Rocky Raccoon! Special congrats to HCTR members Rachael Blair for taking 2nd Female in the 50 Mile, 5th Overall, and Carrie Delbecq grabbed 7th Female in the 50 Mile. Member Jody Koehler ran to 7th Female in the 100 Mile. Also Nancy Marks and John Powers completed the Tejas 300! Here are the official race results.

HCTR 100 Mile Racers:

First Name Last Name Time
Jody Koehler 21:06:46
German Collazos 23:30:21
John Powers 25:39:40
Nancy Escobar 28:29:06
Nancy Marks 28:29:06
Bruce Evans 28:42:45
Edward Swarthout 29:42:34

HCTR 50 Mile Racers:

First Name Last Name Time
Rachael Blair 7:43:59
Stephen Brooks 8:37:02
Carrie Delbecq 8:46:29
Susan Farago 9:59:31
Pam (Pamela) Harght 10:00:25
Jeanette Spears 11:16:32
Janice Langley 11:57:57
Stevan Pierce 12:38:35
Kenneth Jantzen 12:58:17
Cheri Linwood 12:58:17
Leah Nyfeler 15:07:21
Jeffrey (Jeff) Linwood 15:07:29