2012 Run Like The Wind 24 Hour, 12 Hour, 6 Hour, 3 Hour

Posted on December 10, 2012 by hctr_admin in Race Results 2012

 Congratulations to everyone that ran Run Like The Wind timed trail race in South Austin this weekend! Special congrats to member Brian Kuhn (161K in 24 hrs) for power-walking 100 Miles in 24 hrs, and 24 hr winner Austin Barbisch (186K in 24 hrs) for coming close to Pet Mehok’s 24 hr course record. Also congrats to member Thomas Orf for winning the 12 hr (108K in 12 hrs). Members Stephen Brooks and Diana Heynen took 3rd and 6th place respectively in the 6 hr, and Justin Wendling and Kyle McQuire took 2nd and 3rd in the 3 hr. More HCTR results below. Here are the official race results. Great turnout, incredibly fun race!

Sammy V.’s thank you email.

Just a few of the HCTR Run Like The Wind! racers, Top L2R: Thomas Orf, Edwin Scott Smith, David Jacobson, Michael Sawyer, Brian Kuhn, (?), Joe Prusaitis, Elizabeth Johnston Comer, Leary Walker, Axel Reissnecker, Brett Thibodeaux, Susan Farago; Middle L2R: Manny Gonzales, (?), Jennifer Gamewell, (?), Leah Fisher Nyfeler, Julie Schlembach, Stephanie Huie, JoAnna Lynn Hestilow Brand; Bottom L2R: Richard Kyle Wilkie, Kimberly A. McQuire, January Cummings, Diana Heynen, Haleigh Bolton, Jeff Lynn, Mark Licatino. Not pictured: Sammy Voltaggio (RD). Photo courtesy: Haleigh Bolton.

The Run Like The Wind 24 hr finishers still around Sunday morning! From L2R: Clay Winnette, Austin Barbisch, Brian Kuhn, Eugene Bruckert, Debrah Sexton, Deborah Evans. Photo courtesy: Diana Heynen.

HCTR 24 Hour Racers:

First Name Last Name 1K Laps
Brian Kuhn 161

HCTR 12 Hour Racers:

First Name Last Name 1K Laps
Thomas Orf 108
Omar Ghattas 62

HCTR 6 Hour Racers:

First Name Last Name 1K Laps
Stephen Brooks 57
Diana Heynen 50
Lino Mendiola 48
Scott Smith 48
Axel Reissnecker 44
David Jacobson 44
Jennifer Gamewell 42
January Cummings 42
Lucia (lucy) Guevara 39
Manuel Gonzales 38
Steve Williams 27
Chuck Zeugner 22
Kimberly McQuire 14

HCTR 3 Hour Racers:

First Name Last Name Laps
Justin Wendling 35
Kyle McQuire 33
Michael Sawyer 30
Leary Walker 29
Kevin Saul 27
Brett Thibodeaux 26
Elizabeth Comer 25
Julie Schlembach 24
Haleigh Bolton 24
Stephanie Huie 24
Leah Nyfeler 20
JoAnna Brand 20
Chris Chandler 20
Jeff Lynn 19
Donna Squyres 19
Joe Prusaitis 18
Kelley Lightfoot 17
Mark Licatino 16